Meet Sophia…

With the support of loved ones, The Es Elle Diaries was born in 2017. I decided to follow my dreams and delve deeper into world or beauty, style, health, wellbeing and all things me. I wanted to create a space where everything I learnt about and loved was all in one spot! Sharing my opinions, tips and tricks with others has always been a big thing my life as when I was younger I always wanted to hear others opinions to guide me on my way to forming my own opinions. So without further adieu, The Es Elle Diaries begins. Read on if you want to know a few key things about me 🤗

William Tecumseh Sherman Monument, NY
William Tecumseh Sherman Monument, NY
Me and O.
Me and my boyfriend “O”
Never forget to smile
My dog Dolce
The top of Dalsnuten, Norway
The top of Dalsnuten, near Stavanager, Norway


I am 23-years-old.

I am currently living between Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺  and Stavanger, Norway 🇳🇴  as my boyfriend is Norwegian. We haven’t figured out the whole visa thing yet so for now, it is back and forth.

No, I do not speak Norwegian but I am learning.

I have a miniature poodle called Dolce.

I am obsessed with eyeliner, coffee, candles and manicures.

I am vertically challenged. In other words, I am 159cm tall.