5 things I do when I need to stop feeling so blah

image13.jpegI generally try to be a positive & happy person but dealing with everything by myself just seems to get to much sometimes. As I have said before, my boyfriend lives in Norway and we only get to see each other around every 2 to 3 months. Its tough and really affects my mood and behavior. I got so used to spending every minute with him that sometimes life without him just seems like everything is falling apart.


Getting out of that lonely funk and blaming the world for my problems is tough but I think I have finally found a way of turn my frown upside down!!

1. Hugs – When I can’t hug Oskar I have to find a substitute – I turn to Dolce! Now nothing can compare to a hug from the one you love but cuddles from my furry friend come quite close! If you don’t have a pet and you really really need a hug perhaps look to close friends or family that don’t mind the occasional invasion of personal space.

2. Make-up – Make-up is always my friend – If I am feeling blahhhhh and I know I need to pick my self up and try and put myself in a better mood, make-up is key! This is especially the case when it come to eyeliner and lipstick! Eye liner is my thing. If I’m not wearing it, I often get asked if I am ill. So its just become quite a habit and I feel naked without it! When it comes to lipstick, even a nude/pinky nude makes a difference for me as I naturally have little color in my lips. Lipstick and eyeliner just make me look more alive and feel better about myself. When I look good, I feel good and I feel like I can be the best version of myself.

3. Smile – This one might sound weird but I guarantee it works for me! I look at myself in the mirror or my iPhone camera or a reflective surface and I make myself smile for at least 20 seconds, making sure I recognize the emotion on my own face. This helps to elevate my mood within a few minutes. I tried this technique after ready about it in one of my Psychology subject’s textbook when I was at University and thought it must have been a complete load of sh!t. Turns out, its not! I find though I have to be open to the change in mood in the first place for this trick to work and actually finding the motivation to want to change my mood is always tricky.

image14.  Environment – Make your environment “prettier” – now this is subjective but in my opinion, I always feel better when I have fresh flowers in my home after a big tidy up! There is nothing better then looking over to the dining table and seeing something brighten up your space like flowers or even a candle! Peonies or roses are my ultimate favorite.  Even when they are on their way out, the flowers can broken down and petals can be added to a relaxing bubble-bath for a bit of zen with a twist (if that is your thing…).

5. Sunshine – The final thing I look to, to cheer me up is the sun. Although, it’s a tricky one to conjure when you need it! For me, I love European sun as it is less harsh then the Australian sun and its a novelty! The instant the sun came out in Norway everyone’s mood elevated. But now living in Australia again, I find that I really don’t appreciate the sun as much and we take it for granted. It is always out and I only really like to sit in the sun when it is winter – so around about now – as it is just too hot (I know, I know! I’, weird). That being said, just looking out the window to a blue sky and the sun shining down is seriously a mood elevator anywhere in the world.



After trying these 5 things, I am almost always in a better mood then the one is was in before. I am less ‘sulky’ and pining for my boyfriend. I don’t only do these things for when I’m missing Oskar I find they help me to get through those times that never seem to end, or that stressed out mood I have gotten myself into, thinking of all the upcoming things, responsibilities and tasks of my life.

Some of you might be wondering why exercise is not on my list? Well the reason is that I’m never sure where I am going to be and also, you can’t exactly go to the gym in the middle of a stressful morning at work! I wanted to make this list almost portable or achievable to do anywhere at any time!

I really hope that by sharing my tips, someone else may benefit too!

Let me know what you do to get yourself out of your down times!

Lots of love,

S.L. xx


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