TMI: Let’s Talk about Female Contraception

So I got a Mirena about 3 years ago  and it was the BEST decision of my life. After getting used to it for the first couple of months I recommended it to all my girl friends! Before I get into all the nitty gritty details and probably an overshare, I just have to say, I have not had my period in more then 2 and a half years, hence why I f*%king LOVE it.


What is it?

To quote the Mirena website “it is effective birth control without a daily pill” that lasts for up to 5 years. To give a little more information, it is a type of IUD (Intrauterine Device) and is a ‘T-shaped’ piece of plastic that is inserted into your uterus by your Doctor (or qualified persons) without surgery. There is a string attached to the end of the plastic T that hangs through the cervix into your Vagina (or what i like to refer to it as, your “Hooha”).











How does it work?

I am not a doctor or health professional so I am not going to be addressing this issue directly. However, click here to read about it on the official website.





How much does it cost?

The simple answer, I don’t know. It is really dependent on where you are in the world, if you have private health insurance or not and if you are eligible for government subsidiaries. I spent approximately $600 in the end after getting rebates and refunds from my private health insurance. After calculating how much i was spending on the pill per month and buying feminine hygiene products, I was actually saving money by getting a Mirena. In the case of another girl I know, she ad no cost what so ever she was eligible for government funding due to her endometriosis. This is another interesting point about the Mirena, it is one of the first intrauterine treatments for women with heavy periods or those with endometriosis. It assists in decreasing the flow and production of uterine lining (endometrium) thus, making it a great treatment for those with heavy periods or endometriosis. In the case of my friend who was granted funding for the Mirena due to her endometriosis, one Mirena was not enough. She actually had a second Mirena implanted to provide relief.

How effective is it?

According to all “official” information, it is said to be 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for up to 5 years. I must agree with this, as I have not gotten pregnant in the last 3 years of having it (phew!!!).

When you want to get pregnant?

I have not arrived at this stage just yet but I can say that my sister, has used the Mirena as her contraception method for years and when it came to the time her and husband to start having babies, she had it removed and they have a beautiful little boy now. No issues there!

Why did I get one?

Probably the keys reasons why I got a Mirena was because my sisters had them, they loved them, they said they never got their periods. That was probably the main one – NO PERIOD.

I have never been overly comfortably with having my period in the first place. I wish i had captured the look on my face when I told my aunty I had got it and she responded with “You’re a woman now!”. I was not impressed to say the least! So when I learnt I could get something that meant no period, no preggo and lasted for 5 years, I was straight on that! I called me Doctor, they referred me to a Gynaecologist and he said no problem!

My experience.

My gynaecologist explained to me that because I had never had baby, thus never had natural child birth, thus, my cervix had never dilated before, I had to be put under anesthetic to have it inserted through my “hooha” other wise he would not be able to get it through my cervix. I thought that made sense and I was cool with that. If we skip to me actually getting it, I was under anesthetic for about 1 hour, and out of the hospital but after 3 hours of the whole thing, I was done and at home. It was awesome.

For about a week, I had light spotting and almost a “mini” period that lessened but did not totally go away. This was something I was not prepared for. I called my doctor and he was like, this is completely normal, I told you about this in our consultation before you got it, there is nothing to worry about (I must have dozed off during that part of the doctor’s visit…)! Also, I had dull ache, like a tiny period pain for about two weeks but it was nothing some pain killers couldn’t fix!

Now I had spotting for about 4 months about getting my Mirena which I was not overly happy about. I ruined countless pairs of knickers thinking I had stopped bleeding and then back it would come! However, once it stopped, it do not come again! I think I have had a tiny bit of blood or a “mini period” maybe 3 times since I got my Mirena after the initial bleeding stopped.

The overall experience of never having my period, remembering to take the pill, forgetting to take the pill, buying tampons etc far outweighs the initial time your body takes to get used to the Mirena and the spotting.

Would I recommend it?

Hell yes! If your body adjusts to it like mine did, then you never have to have your period ever again! Is that not freaking awesome? Also, you save money over the long run not having to buy the pill, tampons, pads and all those things that come with periods. Plus, it is just saves the hassle of having to go out buy all that stuff, going to your doctor to get prescripts for the pill and not to mention you NEVER have to remember to take the pill and then freak out when you think you have missed one!

For any questions, please feel free to leave a comment down below. For those who would rather speak to me directly, you can email myself on ! I will endeavor to answers to the best of my ability!!!!


Lot of love,


S.L. xx


For more clinical information see the below links:





Disclaimer ~ I am not a Doctor, this is my opinion and my experience. Make sure you go and see your Doctor for proper advice, costings etc before making the decision to get one. All images are from the US Mirena website. 

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