3 Toxic things to expell from your life!

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Fresh flowers are the opposite of toxicity to me. They represent raw life in a very pure form, uninfluenced by how toxic the world can be around us. They encourage a more positive attitude in me which in turn encourages me to rid all things that may deter me from my basic level and non-toxic desires.

At the beginning of a new year, there are always the resolutions we make that by about now, we have completely disregarded or perhaps forgotten about. I tend to do exactly that. So over the last couple of years, I have been trying not to focus on making changes at a particular time of the year but when I think I need to make that change. This is especially relevant in the case of Toxicity.

I wont go too much into the detail of an exact situation that has lead me to make this change or desire to make this change. I want to focus on the things I have chosen to expel from my life!

  1. Toxic People – Get rid of the people in your life that do not make you a better version of yourself! Think about the people around you and who you feel the most supported by, the people who you are the most positive around and who you generally feel the best around. Those are the people you want to see more of.
  2. Toxic Thoughts – Stop beating yourself up about things you cannot change! Whether that may be the guilt of eating a block of chocolate, the 5 glasses of wine you drank last night or the time you snapped at your other-half for not taking the rubbish out the moment you asked them too. You are human! Shit happens! You may have had a bad day but that is okay. Tomorrow is a new chance to change what you didn’t like about yesterday.
  3. Toxic Actions – If you know that you are going to hate yourself for eating that extra piece, row or block of chocolate perhaps it is not wise to continue that behavior. If you know the action is not good for you or you will regret it tomorrow, try and avoid doing it in the first place.

For me, I know if…

  • I go bed at 2 am I am going to be buggered for the next day, probably snap at someone, have more coffee than i would like myself to and then skip the gym after work.
  • I have more then 8 drinks in an evening I will probably do something stupid, that I can’t remember and have the awful feeling of dread about the possible things I may have done
  • I hang out with those “toxic” people I will be impacting negatively on my self in terms of future behaviors with people and to myself.

I find myself constantly trying to better my self and look for inspiration to help me want to better myself.

I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am not afraid to say it, although I very much used to be. So for me, it is often hard to continue with that desire to be better if I living a “toxic” lifestyle. I feel my best and have my depression and anxiety at bay when I do not have “toxic” people around me. I find it starts with the people and maybe this is because of my personality but if I have “toxic” people around me, I do and think in a very “toxic” way. It goes the same for having “good” or “non-toxic” people around me  they help to bring me up, inspire and encourage me. I never want to feel like there is encouragement on the surface but underneath is a whole bunch of negativity towards my desire to be a better person.

Perhaps it is naiive to think I can control who is in my life and think that it is my choice to have a “toxic-free” life. There are always going to be people around that you cannot “get rid of”. However,  I like to think that if that is the case, I can make the decision to limit the amount of exposure to that person(s) in order to protect myself and keep me on the path I want to be on.

…something to think about.


Lots of love,

S.L. xx



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