Falling in love…with capes!

P5120346 (2).JPG

Sheike “suede” cape, Asos jersey knot-tie waist dress, Michael Kors leather ankle boots with two buckles, Michael Kors tote in maroon/wine & Dolce

I find it difficult sometimes that Australia is always the completely different season from the northern hemisphere! When I’m watching my favorite people on YouTube – who are predominately British because of their accents – most of the time the amazing blazers, dresses etc are impossible to wear in Australia for the current season. You see them wearing this amazing summery dress (and there is of course the line “my outfit is linked below” ) and you want to buy it and wear it now! But right now in Australia, it is heading into Winter. Now don’t get me wrong, where I live in Brisbane, the coldest it gets during the day is around 15 degrees and most the time it is verging on 20. So the day is not so bad to crack out a beautiful dress similar to your YouTube influences who has been strutting the sh!t out of that dress along a southern France Beach. However, then there is the issue of early morning train rides to work (as if I catch the train …I totally get a lift with my sister…) when it is probably more appropriate to be wearing a coat of some sort. Insert cape here! I find it the perfect addition to a summery outfit inspired by said influencer but then adds edge, warmth and little something extra to your outfit! Also, it is perfect to show off statement sleeve tops which are a real trend piece right now across all seasons!






Shop the cape? Click here for the Sheike “Seclusion” Cape.

Lot of love,

S.L. xx

P.s. capes are a great way to cover your upper arm show off the more slender forearm (if you’re a bit conscious of tuck-shop arms)

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