French Twist to the H

When it comes to the home, I find my self stalking Pinterest for inspiration and just really not feeling like anything is me. Especially when it comes to paintings or things to hang on your your walls. I love a clean white space but I also don’t want to hang anything that does not have a story or a meaning behind it. There has to be a reason, a happy memory or a story behind it for me to enjoy seeing it in a fixed spot everyday when I’m walking around the apartment.

Firstly, I am very fortunate to say that I have traveled to France. I know not everybody will accomplish this in their lifetime. I say accomplish as it is an accomplishment – especially coming from Australia, where you have to fly sometimes more than 30 hours to even reach Europe! The first time I went, was with my parents and two older sisters in I think the year 2000. I was 7 years old!

Now there is not much that I can remember from trips when I was under the age of 12 but one thing I will never forget was walking up the Montmartre stairs to visit the Sacré-Cœur. On the way to visit the iconic hilltop Basilica are beautiful stalls, shops, cafes and artists! It was here in Place du Tertre (the Montmartre artists square) that I first learnt of the bohemiam styled poster art that now hangs in my apartment. My sister had spotted a collection of these posters and insisted she have the whole collection! Much to may parents avail she carried home around 12 posters in a cardboard “poster tube” all the way back home to Australia. They were framed and  hung with my sister for many years. It wasn’t until she was redecorating her home with her husband that she no longer wanted them -so I claimed them! It was perfecting time as it was around the time I would be moving in to my own place or thinking about it. Since then, they have been a constant part of what makes the place I live, a home! They have moved with me many times over the years and I am confident to say, when the big move to Norway eventually happens (preferably sooner rather than later) I will be taking them with me! Probably in a similar cardboard tube like they came to Australia in! Might need to get my Mister’s approval first… 

I find it hard to choose a favorite among the collection but I think there is a 3-way (get your mind out of the gutter…) tie between Moulin Rouge, Le Frou-Frou and Chat Noir. The black cat (Chat Noir) is arguably one the most famous and recognizable posters in this Bohemiam style often used on postcards and has inspired restaurants and bar alike.


Moulin Rouge


Ambassadeurs, Divan Japonais and Montmartre




Le Frou-Frou & Chat Noir


Le Frou-Frou & Chat Noir in the spare room I like to style a little like a hotel room!

Lots of love,

S.L. xx

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