bareMinerals Invisible Bronze




bareMinerals Invisible Bronze in Fair to Light ~ $40.00 AUD 

Give me a product from Bare Minerals any day and I will probably love it!

The new release, Invisible Bronze is definitely no exception. With its subtle shimmer and 4 colors, I think this Bronzer will give the Hourglass Ambient lighting Bronzer a run for its money! There just really wasn’t anything quite like the Hourglass powders until now. Im not saying they are an exact dupe but for the price you pay, I think the Bare Minerals one, stands out in my book.

I have been using Bare Minerals products since around 2004 when they were called bareEscentuals i believe (I could be wrong on this or completely talking out my a*s). The makeup I ever used was from Bare Minerals and it was the Original Mineral Foundation in Fairly – I know this because it was the complete wrong color and I had just stolen it from my sister’s makeup bag! She wasn’t too pleased about this when she realized, as back in the day, you could only buy it in the US and she had asked one of her friends from High School to get some for her when she was in the US. I was in big trouble…but hey! Little sisters are meant to be annoying right? 


bareMinerals Invisible Bronze in Fair to Light ~ $40.00 AUD 

I think that is enough rambling and back story – here are my thoughts!

Skin Tones? The lightest color is perfect for us pale folk but if you are naturally blessed  (or you “fake it, don’t bake it”), you can choose from the following darker shades – Tan, Medium or Dark to Deep. I love the fact how light this bronzer is but also that if I am going for a ‘Bronzier’ look, I am able to build up the colour! If you think you are between the Fair and Tan, go for the paler color as it is a buildable powder

Matte or not? This bronzer provides a subtle shimmer/glow to the skin similar to that of the “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzers” . Although, nothing too outrageous that you will look like you have mixed highlighter into your bronzer!!! I have a firm belief that bronzer should never be used as contour powder (it is not grey enough) so that is why i don’t mind that this powder is not matte.

Comparable to any other products?  Yes, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer – as I have probably mentioned 12 times said previously.

Would I buy the bareMinerals Invisible Bronze over the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer? Absolutely! It is $40 as opposed to $72…because I like to think I’m thrifty… really I just know that I’d probably spend the extra $32 on lipstick or a weeks worth of coffees!!

Suitable for skin issues? I have very reactive skin and when I try a new product that does not agree with me, I can break out in the areas I have put that product. I did not have an issue with this product which is probably due to its mineral composition. It has been widely recognized across the beauty industry that mineral makeup is said to be lighter on the skin, lets skin under makeup breath better and is often free of nasties. Although, this is my personal experience.

In Short, I love this Bronzer! It is going to be a staple in my makeup routine until of course something else takes my attention away… #beautyaddict

Where to purchase? 

Mecca (Online or in store at Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima)

Myer – selected Myer store now have a small Mecca counter with all your favorite bits and bobs. Click here to find a Mecca in a Myer near you!

Overseas? Check out your local bareMinerals Stockists for this product


Lots of Love,

S.L. xx

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