Detox ramblings and Everyday May




Starting a detox on Monday morning might seem all well and good until you realize Tuesday is a public holiday- ANZAC day – with long standing annual traditions. In short, I did not do so well. Monday was good. I did what I set out to do but when it came to Tuesday I had no strength and caved for the meat pies, homemade chips and rum and cokes. This is a standard meal on ANZAC day whilst we watch the Essendon v. Collingwood AFL game – a game that has been held on ANZAC day since 1995. It has always been a family tradition to watch (either from home or at the game!), eat a Four ‘n’ Twenty Pie and drink a little too much Bundaberg Rum and Coke. Since most of my family is now Gluten Free it is a struggle every year to find a “good” Gluten Free Meat Pie but this I think we finally have it down pat. Coles’ own brand sell a two-pack of Gluten Free Pies which taste like normal pies – or what I remember them to taste like……. It has been 8 years since I ate gluten!

So yes, I had planned to detox, I believe I would have succeeded but I couldn’t break tradition. Plus I really wanted a pie if i’m going to be honest!

It is now Wednesday morning, I have my protein shake in hand and I’m on track to get my body in better form. I’m also thinking I will do the Everyday May Challenge of upload a vlog everyday to YouTube (eek!) and include a workout everyday! This could end horribly but I a determined to do it!


I think I will put together an Everyday workout plan and May schedule and upload this on the 1st!  Fingers crossed I’m not biting off more than I can chew!

That’s all I have to say about that! Anyone get that movie reference????

Lots of love,

S.L. xx

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