3 day detox

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I feel like I have eaten sh!t all weekend and I’m feeling the need to shock my body back into a good routine.
Now I normally would do a juice cleanse but that entails a whole bunch of blending, juicing and organisational prepared-ness that I just don’t have time for or I cbfed.
So this cleanse is going to be a protein shake cleanse. Almost like one of those ‘shake’ or ‘meal replacement’ plans but I will be using my usual protein shake powder – Sun Warrior Pea/plant based protein powder in the Chocolate Warrior blend variety. I find this does not taste like dirt, talcum powder or like a sugary milkshake. I like to keep a box at home and at work just for ease and convenience.
It is plant based which means I wont get a big boated “dairy belly” like a normally do with whey protein powders – joys of being dairy intolerant!!


So here is my plan (lets see if I stick to it) –


7:00am 2 scoop Protein Powder + water

10:00am 2 scoop protein Powder + water

12:30pm Packed lunch – watch our for daily updates on what I have for lunch

16:00pm 1 scoop protein powder + water

19:00pm 1 scoop protein powder + water


I find doing these types of quick fire cleanses are the easiest to do when I am at work. You have less time to think about what you would be rather eating and the days just go ridiculously fast.

Did you spot the box of protein on my desk????

I will post an update on how everything went in a couple of days time and what I enjoyed, hated or would have done differently.



Where to buy?

Sun Warrior Online ~$37.90 AUD

iHerb ~ $37.43 AUD

Coles ~ $37.29 AUD 




Lots of love,

S.L. xx

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