Am I an old person in a young person’s body?

It’s a Monday afternoon. It’s humid, raining and I have been sick. I just woke up from a nap in my old bedroom in my dads house – dad has been looking after me very well. The thing that awakens me though was not the heavy rain, Billie barking (at the birds bathing in the rain) but the sound of Elton. Dad has decided to cook up a storm whilst listening to arguably “one of the best album’s of all time”, Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. I think I would have gotten angry if not for the fact that Benny and Jets has just began. It is moments like this that make me a happy person and also bring me back down to earth from my constant dreaming and worry of my future entails. But it also makes me wonder if I am 64 year old in a 24 year old’s body?

I am so easily influenced and inspired by the old tunes and I have many a times been told, I am such a nanna when it comes to my music taste. I’d like to think I just have an eclectic taste.


Whatever it is, I’m just going to enjoy this moment right now. Enjoy the rain, the dogs, dad’s creative cooking and of course, Elton John’s magic expressed through every single song of Yellow Brick Road.


Lots of love,



p.s. I rarely wake and feel inspired to write a post but just wanted to share this random thought and also, one of my favourite spots to edit videos, photos and write about life.

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