Are they Gucci?!?!

Returning from a very long holiday sometimes means it is hard to get into the swing of things, hard to go back to work and even get up in the morning. The thing that was making it worse for me was I felt like I had no clothes appropriate for work, not to mention shoes! After living in my Stan Smiths for for too long, the thought of anything else was not a keen one for me. So to help me get back into the spirit of work and the corporate world I decided to go on the hunt for the perfect black flats. Something I could wear to work if my heels were annoying me but something that also looked cool with a pair of ‘mom’ jeans on the weekend. Basically I wanted something, practical, comfy and also stylish. And here is what I bought!

Witchery Lauren Loafer ~$149.95 AUD


…. do they not look identical to the Gucci Horse-bit Loafer?

They fit true to size like most Witchery shoes and made of a stunning soft leather that are so comfortable! I wore these today and walked around a fair bit and normally new shoes give me blisters but not today! These bad boys just keep getting better !

High-end vs. High-street : Would you spend $815 AUD on the Gucci ones or $149.95 on the Witchery ones?

Right now, I’m pretty comfortable with these guys but how can you say no to Gucci?

Lots of Love,


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