Models and Jump-rope. It’s a thing.

Scrolling through Instagram filled with Victoria Secret models in bikinis (well mine is any way!) I am constantly thinking, HOW DO THEY GET THEY GET THOSE BODIES!?!?

Of course some of it is genetics – like those legs that are a mile long – but then most of them  seriously workout too!

Whilst doing the model stalking rounds one day instead of writing one of my uni assignments (eek!) I came across the an article on the 7 ways Rosie HuntingtonWhitely stays Model-Fit from Elle. Who doesn’t want to know her secrets right?!?!? 



I was super interested to find that she doesn’t run – she skips!


Now skipping is not a new thing. It is often publicised as the go to workout for Victoria’s Secret Models, along side boxing, but there is just something about hearing one of your favourite models does it, that makes you want to jump on the Jump-Rope band wagon – pun intended.  Talk about the power of promoting!




Now, I am not going to lie and say I have a perfect body, because I don’t. I am no Model or Athlete, I am just a young woman, constantly trying to be the best version of me, constantly getting bored with the average exercises (squats, lunges, panks, running).

With all this in mind and a little inspiration from (a seriously hot piece of ass!) Rosie H-W, I decided to pick up my rope and start jumping.


Rosie elle.jpg
Hot piece of ass = Rosie H-W @ Elle Style Awards 2015



I wanted see if it really was better than running and what the results were like on my body. So I tested it out – 2000 skips a day, Monday-Friday. Weekend Exercise – ain’t nobody got time for that!


** Please Note: I’m not going to show before and after pictures. Mainly because the changes I saw were to my but, arms and abs and I’m not too comfortable with the idea of putting images of those body parts on the internet. Furthermore, I think photos can be very misleading. I know that if I eat certain foods, I will look like I’m pregnant. If I eat a highly salty meal I will be puffy. So I could just stere clear of those foods, take a photo and look like i have a six pack of abs but that is not realistic and probably not sustainable.



Skipping 1


So here goes my review on skipping:


For me, I found slotting 30 minutes of skipping (around how long it takes to do 2000) into my day super easy. I generally did it in the afternoon,  out on the balcony at home, with a beautiful view and my iPod pumping.

I was sooo surprised as to how fast I found myself getting to the 1000 mark and as to how tired I was at that point. My WHOLE body was getting tired. By about 1500 skips I really had concentrate and keeping pushing myself as I was physically exhausted. Once I had reached my goal of 2000 skips I felt like I had just run around 6km or more. My arms & calf muscles were sore and upper back muscle were a little tense. The next day even my abs felt like I had done a 2 minute plank multiple times.

Basically, my body was sore. Not in an injured way but in a good way. I kinda love this feeling (yep I’m weird) as it makes me think I have actually done a good workout and I know I’m going to be seeing changes.



Another thing I really loved was that I didn’t need a gym. I didn’t need a trainer. I wasn’t spending any money – bar the $5 it cost to buy the rope. I even found myself sometimes skipping, in my bedroom, with the aircon on full blast, watching an episode of my current Netflix obsession (at the moment it’s American Horror Story). Two birds one stone.

I must admit, you need to have a certain amount of skill to get into a good rhythm to then actually feel like you’re working out. However, the skill comes SUPER easily. After about 10 minutes I found I was tripping less and could do around 100 skips at a time.

I found it super easily to slot into my daily routine, as it is just such a portable exercise. I even took the rope with me on my walk to the dog-park. Whilst Dolce was being a mad thing, playing with the other pooches, I just skipped away. If you’re one of those people who don’t want to sweat your ass off in full display of other people it’s such a great exercise to do at home as well.


If you’re wondering how many kilos I lost doing this exercise, I can’t tell you. I don’t believe in owning scales but that is another story.


What I can tell you is  this:

  • clothes that were a little too tight were now a little baggy. I was kinda blown away at this as this is not something that normally happens for me after a week of constant exercise.
  • my legs were visibly toner
  • my stomach was so much flatter
  • I could see a little more definition in my abs
  • my arms were so much defined, they weren’t bulky-defined but seriously leaner

** Please Note: I generally try to eat a healthy balanced diet, if I can,  so I know these changes were not from any change in eating habits.

To say I was happy with the results would be an understatement.



Would I add skipping to my exercise regime? YES

Would I do 2000 skips everyday of the week? Probably not as I have the attention span of a gold fish and I know I would get bored. I would do it maybe once a week or incorporate skipping into a circuit.

Would I recommend it to others? HELL YES. It is so easy, portable and transformative. However, you need a good sport’s bra – control the bounce 😉


My final thought on the subject is this, I can totally see how Models and one in particular, RHW, love to skip.





Where to buy a jump-rope?

Rebel Sport




Lots of love,


S.L. xx


P.S. When buying a rope, the easiest way to know if you have the right size is to stand on the rope with both feet together and the rope should come up to your arm-pits.




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